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I am a machine learning applied scientist, engineer, and basketball player. I am interested in the complete lifecycle of learning-based systems from research to development, deployment, and improvement. Multi-modal deep networks are especially my favorite.

I studied computer vision at NTNU and completed my MSc thesis on unsupervised image segmentation at KU Leuven. Then I had a PhD adventure at TU Delft where I worked on fast registration algorithms for incomplete point cloud data. Currently, I create deep networks and architect the machine learning cloud infrastructure at Bright River where I aim to disrupt the image editing industry using automated smart solutions.

I am also writing about deep learning at InfoQ, you can check my articles here.


July 21 - Our new ML image editing SaaS ModifAI is live!

February 21 - The project that I am leading the R&D efforts got NVIDIA Inception Grant.

March 20 - Check my team's deep learning solutions as we bring automation to image editing.

April 19 - Lured to the industry from my PhD researcher position. I will be initializing the CV/ML group at B/R.

November 18 - My work on microscopy point cloud registration resulted in state-of-the-art speed with high quality!

July 18 - Defended my thesis succesfully! I will be starting a PhD positon at the TU Delft Quantitative Imaging Group.

September 16 - Started my MSc education, my specializations will be imaging, processing and machine learning.

June 14 - Interned at Technical University of Denmark, I worked on brain computer interfaces and EEG data analysis.

Projects | Publications

Benefits of Loosely Coupled Deep Learning Serving
InfoQ, 2021
Article link

High Resolution Alpha Masking of Objects
B/R, 2020
Sample input image from link
Another example result for link

Fast Point Cloud Fusion of Incomplete SMLM Particles
Sabri Bolkar
TU Delft, 2019

Soft Segmentation of Viral Labeled Neurons
Sabri Bolkar
MSc Thesis, KU Leuven (Neuro-electronics Research Flanders) & Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 2018
[Pdf] [Code]

Deep Smoke Removal from Minimally Invasive Surgery Videos
Sabri Bolkar, Concong Wang, Faouzi Alaya Cheikh, Sule Yildirim
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2018
[Pdf] [Code]

Bio-spectral Imaging
Sabri Bolkar, Onur Ozcelik
Research Report, METU EE, 2015